SELFHOOD; doubles are valid, but dni ;;

  • Girl in a jacket

    Uni Cornelius ( Sparklecare Hospital )
    It seems like you're not having a swaggy time right now, which is really epic fail bro.
    Sometimes the console crashes and you lose all your progress and it's the least boss thing ever bro.
    It's a real arrow to the knee bro. Sometimes we feel like forever alone guy
    and everything is unswaggy and bossless. But we keep going. Because as true gamers say,
    a game over is really just a chance to game under.
    Bro, to not have gamed over, I think you are God's epic win.

  • Girl in a jacket

    Silver the Hedgehog (Mainly from the IDW comic series and Snapcube's fandub of Sonic 06)

  • Girl in a jacket

    Charlie the Cyndaquil (Pokemon Mystery Dungon: Explorers of Time

  • PRIMARY; yes doubles

    • Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity)
    • Gelatin (BFB)
    • Ichimatsu (Osomatsu San)
    • Mangle (FNAF 2)
    • SECONDARY; yes doubles

      • Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity)
      • Gelatin (BFB)
      • Ichimatsu (Osomatsu San)
      • TERTIARY; yes doubles

        • Snufkin (Moomin)
        • Akarsha (Butterfly Soup)
        • Cole Brookstone (Ninjago)
        • Joe Tazuna (YTTD)
        • Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)
        • Blackhole (BFB)